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conference with president obama. let's listen in. >> the deep bonds between the people of the united states and india and a historic opportunity we have to strengthen the partnership between our nations. india today is a rising and responsible global power. in asia, indian leadership is expanding prosperity and security across the region. and the united states welcomes and encourages india's leadership role in helping to shape the rise of a stable, peaceful and prosperous asia. beyond asia, the world's largest multiethnic democracy is one of the world's fastest growing economies and as a member of the g-2 o india will play a pivotal role in meeting the major challenges we face today. and this includes my top economic priority, creating good jobs with good wages for the the american people. so i believe the relationship between the united states and india will be one of the defining partnerships of the 21st century. and this visit underscores the strengthening of that partnership, which i hope will continue throughout my presidency. that's why i have made it a priority to broaden the coopera
number of people in the united states who are related to each other and we just don't know it. >> tonight the woman who uncovered michelle obama's family ties will give us more detail and dig into my own roots. >> this, for example, is your grandmother. >>> this is your only source for news, cnn prime time begins now. here's campbell brown. >>> hi there, everybody. we start tonight, as always, with the mashup. we're watching it all so you don't have to and tonight after weeks of debate at the white house about what to do in afghanistan, the president has made a decision. the pentagon right now is drawing up plans to send about 34,000 u.s. troops to afghanistan and what that means is that young men and women from around the country will be packing up and shipping out very soon. president obama is expected to make the official announcement next tuesday in a prime time address. >> it is my intention to finish the job, and i feel confident when the american people hear a clear rationale for what we're doing there and how we intend to achieve our goals that they will be supportive. >> i antici
that we have had the highest deficit in the history of the united states, $1. trillion, -- the $1.4 trillion, the pelosi plan comes in weighing at $1 trillion. when we just got unemployment figures back, think about this, the president with an 8.5% unemployment rate pushes upon the congress a $787 billion stimulus bill and now unemployment has gone from 8.5% to 10.2% and in so many other pockets of america it's 14%, 15% and 16%. where are the jobs? why have we taken the focus off the main thing, the economy? why are we going down the track of government takeover of health care? and massive mandates on individuals, doctors and small businesses? just like china. mr. speaker, 1,900 pages, it's ridiculous. the republican alternative, which is not even half, not even 25%, but i'd say maybe 15% in size, weighing in at say maybe a mere $1 -- 150 pages, bring more competition for individuals, association health care plan to let small businesses pool together, expansion of health savings accounts, medical malpractice reform to reduce frivolous lawsuits. this is the republican alternative a
military installation was devastated when the soldiers and civilians of the united states army in heinously attacked by the least likely of assailents. a murderer who benefited from the american dream of unlimited opportunity, attending medical school at military expense, and a person given trust as a high rank in our military. he cowardly then committed treason. in the aftermath we have learned that 13 of our bravest and finest americans were killed and several dozen more were wounded. this senseless act of horror betrays our respect and dignity to human life. our deepest thoughts and prayers are with each of the families affected by this great tragedy. my constituents are shocked and saddened in discussing today this tragedy with carl gooding of wdog radio of allendale, south carolina, i know first hand the low country of south carolina is praying for the fort hood families. amidst this tragedy there are reports that many soldiers in the immediate vicinity of the attack provided heroic aid to their fellow soldiers who had been wounded. several of them already wounded themselves. these sel
as a citizen of the united states is just appalling. i think eric holder should have left them in guantanamo bay and be tried there. i lived in new york in 2000 and 2001. it was just terrible. for them to be tried in a federal court, it just speaks to this country to give people that do not ware uniforms, do not apply to the geneva convention to come to our country and then be given rights like a citizen. host: david, in this newspaper article, attorney general holder elected to proceed with the first u.s. criminal prosecution alleged to have been directly involved in the plot eight years ago that targeted the world trade center and pent he gone because of his full confidence in the successful outcome. tell us why you are not as convinced of the outcome? caller: i'm not confident because i believe that in our country, people are innocent until proven guilty. when you use water boarding and all these things they are trying to use against ournqq governmen why should a terrorist be given rights in our country. host: let's go to the democratic line. caller: i think they should be tried here. t
about climate change. where india and the united states are actually both having a little difficulty taming this issue domestically. we both had serious domestic problems with what we would like to do. >> reporter: and this visit comes just as president obama is completing his strategy on afghanistan and actually india plays a key role in that equation. the united states thinks that the animosity between india and pakistan is actually having a bad effect on the efforts in afghanistan with india more focused, sometimes, on the threat from pakistan than it is on the threat from the taliban. john? >> jill dougherty for us at the white house, thanks so much. >>> in the next hour and a half or next half hour, susan malveaux has a behind the scenes look at what it takes to throw a state dinner. wait until you hear about the guests that come to these dinners and leave with the silv silverware. >> nice and classy there. >>> a critical warning for new moms and dads. the consumer product safety commission is recalling 2.1 million cribs. this is the biggest crib recall in history. they're telli
, i'm going to work to get climate change legislation that can get 60 votes through the united states senate, and signed into law. i have worked very hard and you especially have worked hard, madam chairman, as you proceed forward and we will be able to work closely together to craft a bill that would create jobs in sacramento, california and helena, montana. we will craft a bill that will protect yosemite and yellow stone and that decreases our national security, by decreasing dependence on foreign oil and ultimately we will craft a bill that will secure america's economic end and environmental future for generations. i'm pledged to that. >> senator baucus, thank you so much. any colleagues wish to be heard? >> thank you very much, madam chair, and thank you again for your determination through this process. we know how important this big is. and i will be voting to report this bill out of committee, but as i said yesterday, i have a number of amendments that i'm frustrated i wasn't able to introduce because of the procedural barriers put up here by the fact our colleagues have not c
that india's partnership with the united states is going to play an influential role in the 21st century. the two leaders discussed several pressing issues, including nuclear deals, climate change as well as the economy. >> mr. president, i bring to you and the people of the united states of america the friendly greetings of over 1 billion people of india. >> as leading economies, the united states and india can strengthen the global economic recovery, promote trade that creates jobs for both our people and pursue growth that is balanced and sustained. as nuclear powers, we can be full partners in preventing the spread of the world's most deadly weapons, securing loose nuclear materials from terrorists and pursuing our shared vision of a world without nuclear weapons. >> in less than three hours, the president and the first lady will host a state dinner for prime minister singh at the white house. now it's the obamas' first state dinner, and the question, of course, why was india's leader chosen for such an historic honor. our senior foreign affairs correspondent jill dougherty explains.
east and the united states did not arm israel in their wars, we never would have suffered 9/11. i do nothing anyone would have heard the name osama bin laden. we are going to be there for years and years. they talk about raising taxes on the ridge to pay for this war. they will be paying for it forever. thank you. host: the first official state dinner will be taking place in washington, "obama was big tent leaves out gop big wigs -- obama's big tent believes that gop big wigs. chief among for those not coming, john maynard -- john boehner and eric cantor. the president did not invite john mccain, even though mr. obama pledged a post-partisan presidency. -- presidency." we will have live coverage of the dinner giving way under -- getting way tonight at 9:00. there is also a press conference that will happen at 11:30 eastern time. the arrival ceremony was originally scheduled for the south lawn, it will be moving to the east room. lester, good morning from detroit. caller: good morning. listen, i do not have any problem with the rich being taxed for this war. over the years, you know,
. those are things that are are unpopular. and he's a president of the united states being told by the military, mr. president, we can't defend those outposts and we need more people to do a countersurge insurgency. and i guess it these are correct and they puts 43,000 troops in, imagine the progressiveness, with the troops, if you don't advance health care. i think he'll find 10,000 and train the army because he's politically unsustainable with his base, if he puts in 43,000 troops and prosecutes afghanistan during a water with afghanistan as president, i think he'll have a democrat primary and that we'll have a substantial split mountain democrat party, if that's what he does. and i would argue this -- for our party, and the tensions between our kind of economic votes and our religious conservatives, the fact that the energy in republican party is about spending and deficit, if we're so inept we can't take these people and make them part of a new coalition, they we oughting to nothinged. the -- this are 24% of the people in this country who say they would likely vote for a thi
. as you know, that has always been a controversial issue in the united states house of representatives and no less so today. if that measure passes, then it is believed that a great number of sort of moderate democrats could then get on board with the idea of this health care reform bill. and we have right now congressman joe wilson from south carolina who is standing by. congressman, we may have to break out of this, if the president comes out. i know you'll understand, but tell me very quickly, what are you hearing on the floor today about the status of this legislation? >> well, it's really up to the blue dogs, are they going to be independent or are they going to be lap dogs and take directions from speaker pelosi. today is going to be the crucial day. people will find out. persons who said they're blue dogs, are they blue or lap dogs. >> brian: and you have proposed a motion that would basically make members of congress take the so-called public or government option, if that becomes the law of the land. do you think that will have any legs? >> it should, i was able to get the man
, india has become more and more important to the united states. worldwide, its influence economically, politically, is growing. and yet, there's a certain perception in india that they are not getting the attention that they really should be getting. that the united states is right now focused on china, a lot of attention on the neighbor, pakistan, because of afghanistan. so this is a way of reassuring them that it's really, really important. and no matter what issue you look at right now in the world, heidi, india is really important. climate change, energy, relations with china, you name it. they are very important. >> all right, jill dougherty for us this morning, thank you, jill. >>> this morning, big news on the economy and where it is headed. just minutes ago, the commerce department lowered its figure on the gross domestic product. of course, the gdp, a big deal, because it measures all the goods and services within the country, and therefore, is considered one of the broadest measures of the economy. so, what does the gdp mean to you and your wallet? the impact may be much gre
background, there were what were called crush of videos being sold through the united states, where they would have women in high heels stamping cadence to death, stamping bodies to death -- stamping kittens to death, stamping bunnies to death, and you would hear the screams of the animals. at challenged in the context of a dogfighting video, which is also very brittle. not as brutal and depraved as the stamping of kittens, but nonetheless still very brittle and depraved. -- still very brittle and depraved. the defendant in the case said i am a documentary filmmaker, but the dogs had actually been trained and bred in the united states for the purpose of dogfighting, sent to japan. in japan, dogfighting is legal. it was taped there and then sold and traffic in the united states. it is a legal to hold or attend dogfights in virtually every state. the question is, is this the kind of speech that the first amendment protects or not? a difficult issue, and the court really struggled with it. the couple of the hypothetical they offered, and it tells you something how the court works. just
. it will be necessary to have such a fund. and that fund should not be the united states treasury. we're going to be risking more debt to enact this -- to enact this proposal. so the amendment would prohibit the united states treasury from being used as a means for capital reserve funds. the amendment also clarifies that the public plan would need to seek investments or use premiums to create a capital reserve fund similar to that which is required of other health plans. allowing the united states treasury to be the ultimate backstop will encourage -- would encourage the plan to act recklessly. we've already seen what happens when this is applied. while this bill prohibits bailouts of the public plan using the treasury has a promise of government backing is indirectly, we're allowing such. the public plan can still use the faith and credit of the united states to stabilize their risk. if it's good enough for business, it's good enough for insurers. even casinos, it should be good enough for the public plan. shouldn't they play by the same rules as everyone else. it is committed to a public pla
and with the problem which is that the goals of pakistan are not the same as the goals of the united states. pakistan wants an afghanistan that is pliable which means they have supported the afghan taliban and supported the taliban to keep afghanistan on edge, to give them strategic depth. we need the pakistanies to cooperate with us. we need them to get tougher on terrorism. and, yet, they don't see their interests as exactly the same. how you support the pakistani government and try to get the pakistani army to do something but deep down they don't believe it is in their national interest is really in many ways the central problem in the afghanistan area. >> michael, despite what is currently happening in western pakistan against the taliban since 2001, pakistan's main focus which fareed eluded to is on an eastern boarder with india. is there any full cooperation with afghanistan? >> this is what america needs to understand. that u.s. troops are bleeding and dying in afghanistan. it's throes do with jihad. far less to do with osama bin laden and al qaeda. and almost everything to do with pakistani
in the united states efficiently, cost effectively and so forth. some manufacturing should be done in china. too much manufacturing is being done in china that could be done more effectively in the united states. >> jim agrees and hopes other manufacturers will follow his lead. >> i think people are afraid to make the commitment to lean, to automation, to reinvesting in the factories, because they have this stigma in their mind. they have this belief that you can't make it effectively and profitably in america. it is not true. i think people give up on manufacturing in america prematurely and it can be done. >> ali velshi, cnn, new york. >>> being confined to wheelchairs is not stopping some people who have found a way to get their competitive juices flowing. we are going to introduce you to a game that made it's mark overseas but it is now catching on in the u.s. >>> tiger woods is not talking about his one-car accident. hear what investigators heard when they went to his house to get answers. >> get out of my face. what are you doing? >> cindy sheehan had an explosive exchange with a man who s
responses came back from yemen to hasan in the united states. among the things he told the "the washington post," or actually told this interviewer that's reported in the "the washington post" that he in no way pressured or ordered hasan to carry out the acts that took place at fort hood, although, of course, he has said that after the fact he dogs appreciate and approve of what happened there, jon. jon: u.s. officials knew about these details and nothing was done. is anybody investigating the investigators here? >> it starts with the president who, of course, did order this administration review of all of the documents involving the investigation of hasan to find out who knew what and when and whether any signals were overlooked. the army may do the very same thing, have an internal review, take a hard look at itself it will be an independent review. we just don't know when. we expect it to be a imings of civilian and military personnel on that independent panel. and meantime, the fbi already has a similar internal probe underway by the inspector general at the fbi. jon? jon: what are we
of the president of the united states wearing a turbine. at the bottom it says, quote, wake up, america, remember ft. hood. joining me now is a man behind this billboard, mr. phil wolf. good to have you with us tonight. thank you for your time. >> thank you, sir. >> why did you take out this billboard? >> i think this billboard's a combination of some frustrations on questions that haven't been answered by the president. >> such as? >> let's start with where's he from? what's his background? who is he? is he american? what does he stand for? >> okay. so you obviously don't think that the president of the united states is an american citizen. >> i don't. >> okay. what evidence do you have that he's not an american citizen? >> well, i think the evidence has to be shown that he would be. that would seem to be the simpleleft thing to do. >> we missed this in the vetting process? as a country we screwed up? >> possible. >> what does jihad mean to you, mr. wolf? >> to me it means it's an extreme element of a struggle to overcome somebody. it can be interpreted probably some different ways, but to me it
in a lot of ways and changed how the rest of the world viewed the united states. but india, a lot of people would say, was a lot more comfortable with the previous president, with president bush, than with president obama. why is that? >> in large measure because president bush had made india a significant foreign policy priority. now what india is witnessing, that it is one of several amongst competing priorities for this president. and, of course, with afghanistan having become a centerpiece of american foreign and security policy, india is not getting the attention that it received during the bush administration, particularly during the second bush administration. so, there's a little bit of unease and concern in new delhi about the stature of the relationship at the moment. >> is he making up for it? i know some of the things he said today in the press conference was talking about a strategic dialogue and a personal partnership when he was talking about things to show how the obama administration is committed to india. but besides that a lot of things people might say are vague, a perso
are very good at having criminal trials in the united states. this is something we do very well. they are fair. they're respected. and if appropriate, people get the death penalty. it seems to me that a trial where he spends a day on the witness stand saying whatever it is he wants to say is a small price to pay for a legitimate, honest, fair, internationally recognized trial. >> they talk about how fair the trial is and how political it's become. joe, the debate that we're hearing these days is it really about the justice system in this country and proving that it works well, also justice for the victims of 9/11, or as this become, especially in washington, more of another political football? >> you know, this has been a political football for a long time. it goes all the way back to george w. bush when he signed the original order creating the commission. people ask, well, what are we going to call these people? accused criminals? are we going to call them combatants? do we think they committed crimes? do we think they committed acts of war? or both? and what the administratio
into the united states in. >> reporter: technically until this trial that is a possibility but attorney general eric holder said that's not going to happen. he said under u.s. law anyone deemed too dangerous could not be released into the united states so if there is a mistrial, essentially they would be held under the same laws that they are being held now at guantanamo bay. the attorney general has said they will not be released under any circumstances. >> okay. brian, thank you so much, and i want to talk about this a little bit more with the so-called justification defense with our senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin. jeff, obviously, this is a legal strategy here. i want you to take a listen to what attorney general eric holder said when he was asked about looking at the possibility of prosecuting these individuals in court in new york. take a listen. >> i certainly think that under the regime that we are contemplating, the potential for detaining people under the laws of war, that ability -- we would retain that ability. >> yes. so in a sheikh mohamed case, we're never going to let him go
will be devastating to the middle class of the united states and make everyone poorer for it because sooner or later you're going to run out of fish. >> thanks to egberto and garrett for those i-reports. head to ireport.com to weigh in. click the upload now link and you'll have easy instructions there. >>> the army says it needs help from troops and civilians as they investigate the mass shootings at ft. hood. investigators say they're looking for help from anyone who may have left the scene with evidence, specifically if they have vehicles that may have gunshot damage or clothing with gunshot residue on it. 42 people were injured in that shooting at the army post in texas on thursday. an army official says 17 of them and the suspected gunman are still hospitalized. >> all evidence at this point indicates the suspect allegedly acted alone in the actual shootings at the readiness center on 5 november. we have seen no evidence whatsoever to date of any friendly fire occurrences during the gunfight between ft. hood law enforcement and the alleged suspect. >> major nidal malik hasan is not on a ventilat
will be a long and difficult recovery here. >> needing the entire resources of the united states army are at the disposal of ft. hood. >> reporter: for many, one of the most trying issues is getting past the fear that this post, their home, is no longer safe or secure. as the victims and this shattered community look for answers so do investigators. there is word now the suspected gunman major nidal malik hasan is conscious and talking and though his attorney wants to make sure those conversations are limited. >> until i meet with my client i've advised appropriate military officials that no interviews, no interrogations should be conducted by law enforcement. >> reporter: right now the army isn't saying anything about the suspect or their investigation. >> in regard to the investigation, i have nothing to add at this time in regard to that and we're working very hard to get an update to you from the criminal investigating division. >> reporter: just one of so many unanswered questions here. jay gray, nbc news, ft. hood. >>> federal investigators have visited the mosque in northern vi
, there are members of the congress who sent a letter to the president of the united states back in april request agameting to sit down for the very purposes of doing what you just described. you know, being at the table and talking about health care. they're still waiting for the meeting. the senate and house leadership staffs weren't a part of those late-night meetings that took place for the very bill that was voted on. all this dog and pony show with grassley is nice theater but the staff, senior staff and leadership of the party have not been at the table and it's not been a bipartisan process and over 800 amendments on the house bill alone were rejected. so, you mean to tell me out of 800 ideas put on the table, not one of them could be put in the bill? this is the frustration that a lot of people have with this process, not to mention the fact that we were told this was all going to be transparent and it hasn't been. >> well, i grant you all your arguments and all your points about the way the house operates because the house has different rules and, as you know, they certainly were not wo
in the state of missouri and across the united states. so we made our point. we did our job. and now we are waiting for the verdict. >> well, doctor, you point out a larger issue. some of the reports out that i've read indicate there have been racial tensions in this town and this may, if you will, be the straw to break the camel's back for those who live in the african-american and minorities in the town. >> well, my father is a cop and has been for 30 years. so i have a lot of respect for good law enforcement, but the problem is, though, we know officers sometimes abuse their authority and in this up to, i have had lots and lots of people, particularly people of color, who sent me e-mails and faxes describing incidents very disturbing to me. and so what we are trying to do is simply take this information and also take this statistical data gathered to the attorney general of the united states and the attorney general for the state of missouri and simply ask them to conduct an investigation. it doesn't mean we are accusing anybody of any wrongdoing, but the truth is you can't destroy l
tonight with potential danger for democrats pushing for health care reform in the united states senate. senate democrats scored a major victory saturday night in their vote to allow debate to go forward on health reform. democrats needed every member of their caucus to stay in line, and they did. that, it turns out, was the easy part. the hard part, getting every one of those senators to stay on board to allow the final vote on health care reform. as things stand tonight, that will not happen. tonight, four members of the democratic caucus are pledging to block that final vote if the public option that's in the bill stays in the bill. perhaps as a result tonight, there is growing talk about compromise. this dead lock in the democratic caucus has reportedly led majority party harry reid to begin searching fortwo possible compromise solutions. one is the triggered option offered by senator olympia snowe of maine and the other by democratic senator tom carper of delaware. at this point, the pressure is on harry reid to deliver on the reform that he's been promising. after saturday night's
're covering in the united states. i really believe something has to be done at the legislative process where it mandates these judges to do something. tying their hands and having to give these people real sentences. this goes on -- when it goes on for two decades like this and little children continue to become victimized like this in such horrific way, something has to be done. >> do we know a lady like this, we don't know what happened to the 3-year-old, vanished, convicted with assault and battery with intent to kill her 6iel. was shimon tored after her 80 day sentence. >> that's one of the questions i'm waiting on now for investigators to call me back on in south carolina. the ones in florida, i'm in touch with a lot. they're piecing everything together. there is an investigator that drove down from south carolina and arrived in florida not too long ago, to sit down with those investigators and put their notes together to figure out her timeline, her background, exactly what took place here and how they are going to move forward as a team. >> we're thankful baby shannon is okay but we w
-presidential spot in the united states, that's the nugget? >> we're talking about and it's the most salacious point. >> that's why i'm suppose today watch? >> why people buy people magazine. >> this is somebody who could be, could be the president of the united states, that's the one thing we're going to latch on to? >> and of course, the lead by johnson and-- >> i'm sure they'll release a lot of stuff. >> maybe i'm crazy. >> sells magazines. all right, in the meantime, could a technicality keep the master mind, the allegedly so-called master mind of 9/11 attacks from facing justice? we're going to have the scoop on that. >> plus, victims of bernie madoff are finally getting a little payback. stay with fox for a fair and balanced coverage of that. you want to buy madoff paraphernalia? ♪ wow, is this... fiber one honey clusters? yes. but it can't have... can't have about half a day's worth of fiber? i assure you it does. i can only taste... only taste the crunchy clusters, honey, and brown sugar. no madam, i don't have esp. (announcer) fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes. >> i had access that
in the united states. there is the platform the presidential seal will be placed their shortly. the fbi and army and texas rangers continue to gather information on the attack. nidal malik hasan allegedly opened fire with two handgunsri deployment overseas. how will victims are honored today? >> reporter: we'll hear a roll call for victims and president barack obama in his remarks today will honor each victim individually and other speakers today include lieutenant general cone and also general george casey. they'll be speaking. part of this memorial service today if we look inside you can see where the stage is set up. there's a large american flag draped in front of the building. people had been coming in. security is very tight, chuck. they have erected these storage containers around the perimeter of the field so that they can check every person coming in and they describe the security as like when you go through an airport screener. that certainly is at a premium right now even though this is a military installation because the president is here and other top officials are here. they want t
's history of the united states" by howard zinn. this goes back to the 1700's and the names are still look the same. rockefeller's, rothschild, j.p. morgan chased out, bushes. it is amazing how this country -- we are a poor country and being a military family, sir, i have heard stuff that this country is about to experience that was set in place by direct vote -- our former regime. but want to say right now, thank you to my brother, from the bottom of my heart for 40 years of your service to this country and four wars. you made it out alive, brother. i love you and thank you, thank you, thank you. and america, i love you -- we are going to get through this but as long as barack obama does not take back our countries -- companies that oversees, we will never have jobs. we are educated people in our family, college people. i am a teacher. i've got four degrees. my son is a certified chef. let me tell you, there is no money out there for educated people. there really isn't. the younger you are and the more education you have, i think though worse it is for you because you can't make the money
thoughts, first of all, about this decision to bring these key gitmo detainees to the united states for trial in new york city? >> it's a phenomenally bad decision on many, many levels and i suspect a decision based on a mix of politics and a desire to pander to, sort of the self-righteous liberal, setting the stage and putting the bush-cheney years on trial again. it's in a sense, i think what we're unfortunately about to do is open up years of a side show here in new york that's going to be very painful and also, going to be very damaging ultimately. it's going to provide a great deal of public relations spin to our adversaries overseas. >> i know you talked to people inside the intelligence community, the place where you once worked. how are they responding about this? >> well, the good thing about the cia, they just march on. they just get on with it. and regardless of what administration is there, that's the job that they do. i think, unfortunately, look, from a security standpoint, when we-- there have been some talk, even since holder's decision that bringing mohammed and the
in afghanistan, what will it be? >> it will mean, i think, greater security for the united states but the afghans have got to succeed and we've got to help them succeed. >> smith: senator levin, we thank you so much for your time this more than. we appreciate that. we'll be back in one minute. >> smith: joining us now to talk about the republican party former majority leader dick armey, dede scozzafava who is a moderate republican and former congressional candidate and ed gillespie former chairman of the republican national committee. the headlines out of the g.o.p. this week, this notion republican national committee considering a list of 10 principles. some have called them the g.o.p. 10 commandments which include things like support for the surge in afghanistan or opposition for instance to the obama health plan. as a candidate if you agree with the eight out of ten... with eight out of ten you'll get support from the national g.o.p., and if you don't you're out of luck. dick armey, is this litmus test a good idea. >> first of all it's not a litmus test. secondly it is being offered for consid
in the united states. americans led the way last year with 83,000 adoptions. about 13,000 of those children were born elsewhere. there's also some surprising news as we observe national adoption day today. american children, mainly those in foster care, are being adopted by people in other countries. the state department reports 71 cases since april of 2008. those children went to homes in canada, western europe, and australia, places with limited adoption opportunities. >>> some overweight college students in pennsylvania are being told to shape up if they want to graduate. lincoln university near philadelphia requires all students with a body mass index of 30 or higher to take a fitness course. the requirement kicked in four years ago and that class is now in its senior year. the historically black university says it's concerned about the health of its students and points out obesity and diabetes are problems in the african-american community. >> god forbid they're wheeled down on a gurney or stretcher. no one told knme this would happen. >> some students say it's unfair larger students are be
people in the united states. americans led the way last year with 83,000 adoptions. and about 13,000 of those children were born elsewhere. there's also some surprising news as we observe national adoption day today. american children mainly those in foster care are being adopted by people in other countries. the state department reports 71 cases since april of 2008. those children went to homes in canada, western europe and australia, places with limited adoption opportunities. >>> some homeowners have lost treasured possessions while trying to sell a home. but clark howard tells you tow who protect your valuables. >> okay what's old is new again and this is one that was an oldie but baddie. "the washington post" is reporting that as people are putting their homes for sale, many times without an agent now trying to save their commission, when they hold "open house"s, they're getting robbed bloind. there are criminal rings that come in and while one better than is disstrakting you or your real estate agent asking about features of the home. the other person is rummaging through y
powers and developing nations of the asia pacific. to meet these common challenges, the united states looks to strengthen old alliances and build new partnerships with the nations of this region. >> also while he's in singapore, he'll talk with russia's president about the nuclear agreement which expires next month. >>> increased fighting in afghanistan is hurting morale with u.s. soldiers. in contrast, two battlefield surveys found morale is up among soldiers in iraq because combat there is decreasing. the survey is indicating suicide have jumped across the board. the army is working to get more mental health workers to help soldiers cope with depression. this comes as president obama considers sending more troops to afghanistan. >>> police have arrested a sixth member of a missouri family accused of sexually abusing kids for years. 3 % them wthe en % >>> some strong reactions out there about the decision to bring the 9/11-related trial to new york. attorney general eric holder said yesterday, five suspects with alleged ties to the attacks will be try in a civilian court in manhatta
're covering, mike, that a lot of the cases throughout the united states. i really do believe that something has to be done at the legislative process that mandates the judges to do something, tying their hands and having to give these people real sentences, because this goes on -- when it goes on for two decades like this and little children continue to become victimized like this in such horrific ways, something has to be done. >> exactly. michelle, do we know -- a lady like this, who, again, we don't know what happened to the 3-year-old, vanished. >> right. >> she was convicted of assault and battery with intent to kill a 6-year-old. was shimon torrid after that, after her 80-day sentence? >> that's one of the questions that i have right now and i'm waiting for investigators to call me back on, the ones in had south carolina, that is. the ones in florida i'm in touch with a lot but i think they're piecing it together. i know there is an investigator who drove down from south carolina and arrived in florida not too long ago to be able to sit down with those investigators and put their note
accused terrorists in the united states of america. but did eric holder make his case? you be the judge. brian? brian: how dumb can some criminals be? >> christmas came early for us today. yeah. back to the show. brian: they won't be opening up any presents this year. you won't believe how they got busted. our slogan from george in pueblo, colorado. when i get up to face the day, it's "fox & friends" that lights my way. steve: nice. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute -- www.ncicap.org -- gretchen: good morning, everyone. we start with a fox news alert. afghanistan's president hamid hars i didn't -- karzai has been sworn in. in his inaugural address he said his security forces should take the lead in the fight against insurgents. secretary of state hillary clinton attended the inauguration. before the ceremony she called on karzai to take accountability for his government. president obama headed back to washington. his last stop this morning, south korea, where he met with the country's president. among the issue, no
for pictures with rahm emanuel and the vice president of the united states. >> it's just unbelievable to me. the couple posted pictures of themselves on facebook hanging out with the vice president. and the white house chief of staff rahm emanuel. a woman describing herself as the publicist for this couple says that they were fully cleared to attend the event. oh, honey, we have a lot more to talk about than just that. so who are the salehis? richard lui takes a closer look in about ten minutes. >>> you may be up earlier than normal to do the cooking and baking today. others are up early to stake their place in new york. 31 balloons including snoopy and spongebob square pants have been inflated for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. thousands of people are expected at this morning's parade including santa claus. >>> yesterday you know was a busy travel day but many people avoided the airports. aaa reports air travel could be down by more than 6% this year. check out the crowds at penn station in new york yesterday. many people chose to go by train, be bus or car. apparently because it is c
out their duty to the united states. there were many times, he was e-mailing with a fairly radical cleric. there were signs that this was a big problem. the army, i think being -- not wanting to discriminate in any way against muslims, overcompensated and ignored the very real signals. host: in fact, margaret writes this. imagine this. if major nidal hasan were gay and revealed half as much about his state of mind as he did, he would have been expeled from the military a long time ago. guest: it's just another class of -- political correctness is a huge problem here. i'm glad we're admitting that this crime and these murders had their root in a religion/ideology or a perversion of religion that has become an ideology. he was an islammist and motivated by that. we spent almost four years in the most brutal war in human history. a majority christian country fighting a majority christian country, germany. i have not read of large numbers of soldiers saying i can't kill fellow christians. the idea is absurd. it's a volunteer army. if you join it, you're here to defend the united states
accused of these type of crimes deserves a trial like you or i might. >> caller: this is the united states. we was afraid one time and 9/11 happened. there's no reason -- yes, there is reasons out there for concern but this is the united states. the world is looking at us for examples. we got troops overseas giving their lives. just like the president said. give us the opportunity to exact our justice on these people. >> john, thank you for your phone call. i appreciate it. got an e-mail from kathy in michigan. this is what they said. that's a good discussion back and forth there. heidi says -- great discussion going on. we want to continue to talk about this. what do you think about the 9/11 suspects being tried in new york specifically in civilian courts? do you think this is the right path or not the right thing to do? e-mail us at cnn.com/hln. you can also pick up the phone and call and chat like we did there. you can text us at hlntv. >>> the fbi says a mom came up with a desperate solution to money problems. >>> check this out. a mansion up in flames outside of phoenix. the fire brok
it back to the cheaper united states dollar, your profits go up. bill: thank you. alisyn: if you thought fiery health-care town halls were a thing of the past, think again. a democratic congressman coming face-to-face with a group of constituents that have been challenging his support for the health-care issue. >> i am so disappointed that the majority of the people in this country do not want this bill. they are forcing it down our throats. >> i am very disappointed by the representatives were ignoring the voices of their constituents who need and desperately want health care. >> the issue of healthcare and changing our health-care system is very personal and very emotional. >> the federal government can tweak the system, but not mandate the system. >> there adding so much that to my generation and generations to come, and infringing on all of our rights. alisyn: the congressman held a town hall meeting last week. we do not have sound from got one, but we are told it was similar. bill: as we look at possibly spending more on health care, congress is getting ready to increase the nation'
, no former hollywood actor will ever be elected president of the united states. [laughter] jack loved to play tennis and we played frequently. he was tenacious as a pit bull. after a long point he would scott down as though he was exhausted. his opponent would pay dearly. jack would unleash his forehand drive that was virtually unreturnable. he would then get into position for the next point without any acknowledgement and he suckered you. he really liked to win. it was not beneath his dignity to manipulate the circumstances. one winter when we were vacationing, schack introduced me to a painkiller. i drank two and jack had three. he then proposed a tennis match. the courts were hugs and my ability to move was in question. -- the courts were hot. i accepted the invitation. it was only when he hit the ball to make that i discovered how difficult it was to sort out which of the three balls coming at me was the one i should hit. jack kept score skillfully. it was 6-2. we did not play a second set. that was the score he most often cited. jack frequently invited me to go to the gridiron dinner. on
is the first world leader to make a formal state visit to the united states since mr. obama took office. after the elaborate welcoming ceremony in the white house east room, they exchanged greetings and disappeared into a private meeting. both leaders are pledging to cooperate over a large range of issues from terrorism to climate change. >> as leading economy, the united states and india can strengthen the global economic recovery, promote trade that creates jobs for both our people, and pursue growth that is balanced and sustained. as nuclear powers, ke were be full patter ins in preventing the spread of the world's most deadly weapons, securing loose nuclear material from terrorists and pursuing our vision of a world without nuclear weapons. >> all right. the president and prime minister have emerged from their meeting and they're now making states, and taking questions as well. we wanted to bring that to you and, of course, the first state visit of the obama presidency means the first state dinner as well. the president and first lady will host a formal event for the indian prime minister
, the united states looks to strengthen old alliances and build new partnerships with the nations of this region. >> while in singapore, he plans to meet with the russian president as well. >>> there is strong reaction to bringing a 9/11 trial to new york city. there was a decision to be tried in civilian court. the suspects include cleed shake moham -- khalid sheikh mohammed. members are sharply divided over the prospect of a civilian trial. >> to bring it back here it is tasteless, insensitive and those scars which have never been healed are going be opened again. i am not comfort wbl this call. >> i think it speaks to the heart of who we are, not only as new yorkers but as american citizens. if a crime is committed on our oil, you will be given a trial, you will be given access to an attorney. >> it is not just the families of the 9/11 victims sharply divided over the idea of a civilian trial. some say it is dangerous because any evidence obtained against the defendant under duress cannot be used in trial. >> i do not understand why a war criminal should be able to have the sam
in the coming weeks. >> what about trade? is there any movement so far? has the united states delegation been able to iron anything out on that front? >> reporter: no, it hasn't. it's really a curious clash of rhetoric with reality. the president in his speech in japan yesterday talked about u.s. advocacy, or trade throughout this entire region. but there is a pending free trade agreement in america right now with south korea. it was negotiated in june of 2007. it's been sitting there waiting for action. the last two of the bush administration, well into the first year of the obama administration, it would be the biggest free trade agreement the united states has with any other nation since nafta. it would add u.s. trade representatives ten to $12 billion to the gdp. but because the obama administration wants more access for the u.s. auto makers, south koreans aren't high on that. that agreement is stalled and there has been no efforts here, no visible effort for the obama administration to bring the two nations any closer on that free trade pact. others could commence and follow after that.
governor's race up in pennsylvania next year. they have a huge united states senate race with arlen specter fighting for his life. and we lost about, i think six congressional districts in the last two elections in pennsylvania. and we have got solid candidates in a lot of those who are going to be running. pennsylvania could be one of the big swing states back in 2010. and he is going up there right now to try to put a fire hose on the fire. greta: so you don't think this is necessarily about jobs but more about star power and try to make sure that he can keep that state in the democratic category? >> absolutely. he is going to go to key states. allen town is an area where the congressman there is a republican. they think it's one of their pick up chances to run against charlie in allen town. neighboring district is dave carney who voted for the health care bill in a very rural, republican district. going to try to shore up the southern part of his district. on the other side of allen town is a democrat, he is in a republican district. i mean this was strategically located to help guys run
of the bill. the clerk: senate 1599, an act to amend title 36 united states code to include in the federal charter of the reserve officers association leadership positions newly added in the constitution and bylaws. the speaker pro tempore: the question is, will the house suspend the rules and pass the bill. members will record their votes by electronic device. this is a five-minute vote. [captioning made possible by the national captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.] the speaker pro tempore: on this vote the yeas are 423, the nays vote the yeas are 423, the nays are -- the speaker pro tempore: on this vote the yeas are 425, the nays are zero. 2/3 of those voting having responded in the affirmative, the rules are suspended, the bill is passed and without objection the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. the house will be in order. members, please take their conversati
is veterans day here in the united states. there you see angela merkle, the chancellor of germany in that picture. >>> a u.s. pilot yanked off a flight minutes before taking off because a co-worker thought he was drunk. irving lamont washington was set to fly a united jet from london to chicago on monday. british police arrested him when he flunked a breathalyzer test, though. washington is now grounded. there have been several incidents for the airlines industry recently. this morning on our sister network a former ntsb official said flyers should be concerned. >> the whole structure of flying has changed. the airline had industry has been in a profound downturn for a number of years and not getting any better. pilots, they -- flight crews are the key component. they're being worked harder. they're being paid less. they're under more stress. and i think there is an issue. and i think you're going to see the ntsb and the faa looking at the whole issue of pilot fatigue, pilot work rules. how do we optimize people's attention in these cockpits? i think that's going to come up in the
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